Just for fun, Reggie Watts

Ok, I know TED Talks have developed a bit of a …reputation, shall we say, but this one is seriously unserious. Yeah it’s old (from 2012), but IMO it skewers TED in the best way possible, though possibly without anyone noticing at the time? I like to believe TED takes itself too seriously to wittingly allow this kind of parody slip through the cracks…

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The Fiddle and the Drum

This song strikes me as particularly timely. Joni Mitchell singing The Fiddle and the Drum on the Dick Cavett Show, 19 August 1969 (the day after Woodstock, as it happens).

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Thirty-Two Hours Work for Forty Hours Pay

A New Zealand law firm ran an experiment – the 4-day work week, and declared it a success. They have decided to make it permanent. The basics are covered in The Guardian article by Eleanor Ainge Roy:

The New Zealand company behind a landmark trial of a four-day working week has declared it a success and will be adopting the new schedule full time.

Almost 250 staff at Perpetual Guardian, a company which manages trusts, wills and estate planning, trialled a four-day working week over March and April this year, working four eight-hour days but getting paid for five.

Academics who studied the trial found staff at the firm’s offices around the country reported lower stress levels, higher levels of job satisfaction and an improved sense of work-life balance.

Perpetual Guardian’s founder, Andrew Barnes, said staff could choose whether to opt into a four-day week, and lawyers had been consulted to ensure the new system would abide by New Zealand employment law and conditions.

Workers who chose not to opt into the four-day week would still be offered flexible options such as starting or finishing early to avoid traffic congestion or manage their childcare commitments.
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Steve Colbert interviewed by NYT

This is actually very interesting insightful look into Steve Colbert and his work on his show, and how he feels about… everything! And of course, Steve is an entertaining guest, go figure…

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One Year

Phil Elverum sings:

Death is real
Someone’s there and then they’re not
And it’s not for singing about
It’s not for making into art
When real death enters the house, all poetry is dumb
When I walk into the room where you were
And look into the emptiness instead
All fails.

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Should Your Company Help ICE? “Know Your Customer” Standards for Evaluating Domestic Sales of Surveillance Equipment

Polite Reminder

I usually avoid sharing tweets, mostly for the trifecta that social media is destructive to democracy, and that it’s a horrible platform for meaningful discussion, and of no practical use beyond ‘soundbite news’ which by it’s very nature cannot convey the nuance that most topics demand.
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If you Feed the Beast, the Beast will Come Back At You

This video does an excellent job of describing the various nuanced ways we get addicted to social media, and how we become addicted.

Don’t use so-called ‘Social Media!’ It’s actual purpose is to destroy society as long as the owners of the ‘platforms’ get richer.

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Politics, avast

FPP (Front Page Post) on MetaFilter pretty much sums it all up. Even just in the FPP itself – alot of holes get filled and alot of T’s get crossed.

As you work your way through all the links, keep in mind what you have projected onto the political stage throughout your lifetime. Note that it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with politics in general or your own personal political leanings….

It’s complicated, as they say.

But with the instability created by Brexit and the election* of Rump (both quite likely orchestrated by Putin’s Russia) we need to start taking things seriously. This post explores that. Even if you’re a ‘non-political’ type, read any and all of the links that draw your curiosity. The time for kidding around is over.

*A reminder that Rump lost the popular vote and only took power by a technicality. Abolish the Electoral College! It is an obsolete racist construct to begin with and it’s continuing existence only serves to undermine democracy further.

World Maps Minus The Best Place

Q: What’s the best part about living in Australia?
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